General FAQ

How do I become a part of the College of Wooster Equestrian Club & Team?Question-mark (for general FAQ)

Every year at Wooster on the first Friday of the fall semester there is an event called “Scot Spirit Day.” At this event almost all Wooster clubs have a table so new and old students can learn more about the clubs. The Equestrian Club & Team is always there with important information about the club and joining—for example, the date of the first club meeting. If you happen to miss Scot Spirit Day, email us instead! See the Contact Us page.

I have a horse. Can I bring it with me to college and board it at the barn the Equestrian Club & Team uses for lessons? Can I take my lessons on my horse?

Absolutely! However, you will need to discuss specifically with our Equestrian Club & Team coaches about boarding your horse at their facilities. We advise emailing them to discuss arrangements!

Usually, you cannot take lessons on your own horse. This is because it is good practice to learn how to ride all sorts of horses—we emphasize this because in intercollegiate showing we ride randomly assigned horses. However, you are welcome to discuss this with our coaches.

 Is the Wooster Equestrian Club & Team active all year?

Unfortunately no, during our winter and summer breaks there are no activities or meetings involving the Equestrian Club & Team. But do not worry! We are always open to comments and questions so do not hesitate to email us (See the Contact Us page). However, be aware that while we are on break, we may not check our email often.

Regarding the Equestrian Team specifically, both the ISHA and IDA follow college school schedules of our region. Thus, Wooster Equestrian team horse shows always occur Wooster is in session, i.e. when the club and team is active.

Does the Wooster Equestrian Club & Team offer any type of scholarships?

Sadly, no. We are not a varsity team and riding is an expensive sport, so we cannot consistently offer scholarships. In the past, we have occasionally been able to sponsor a student by helping pay for part of their lessons cost. But once again, we cannot promise anything in regard to scholarships. For questions, please contact us.