Equestrian Exhibition

Every year, the College of Wooster Equestrian Club and Team puts on an Equestrian Exhibition! This event is a chance for both club and team members to show their riding skills to their friends, family, professors, campus community, and the city of Wooster. Be sure to attend; this is great way to meet and greet the club riders and horses! The Exhibition is generally always at the Wayne County Fairgrounds—just a 5 min. drive from campus—and takes place in later April. Below is a video of the 2012 Equestrian Exhibition, a photo slideshow, and some beautiful photos.

WooEq Exhibition 2016

exhibition-2016 screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-11-04-06-pm


img_5027 img_5028



2012 Exhibition Video

2012 Exhibition Photo Slideshow

2012 Exhibition Photos