Coach Karla Forrer & Hidden Hollow Farms

Karla Forrer owns and manages Hidden Hollow Farms in Wooster, OH. She graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science with a specialty in Equine. She has had experience in many disciplines such as Hunter, Western, Dressage and various Breed Shows, and 4-H. She won Nationals in 2003 showing her Sport Horse Dressage.

Directions from COW campus:
Drive south on Beall Avenue. Turn west (right) on Bowman Street, which will become Old Mansfield Road (you should pass the Lays factory). The road will end into Old Lincoln Way, turn right or west onto that road. Continue on until you reach the blinking red stop light/stop sign– this isĀ  250 west, turn right onto this. Continue on 250 for 2 miles until you see Rathburn Road. It will be on your right and shortly after the little bridge. For landmarks, look for the bryant company (which will be on the left) and the paved lot full of parked semis and cars (which will be on the right, which is the side you need to turn!). After you turn onto Rathburn Road, continue on it until it dead ends into Lehr Road. Do not turn onto Lehr Rd. but continue north (straight) onto Hidden Hollow Farm’s dirt road driveway. Follow the driveway until it ends, down in the valley.


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