lesson02 Normally, club members participate in one small group lesson(2-4 people) per week for 10 weeks, which at $30 a lesson (a bargain!) comes to $300 per semester. More lessons are available upon request; speak with the club president or the coaches for more information. Lessons are with Karla Forrer at Hidden Hollow Farms (western, hunt seat, and dressage) or Brigid Cain (hunt seat) at Kildare Riding Academy. We ride both in- and outdoors, so make sure to dress for the weather!

Our coaches provide the horse and their tack, all you need to do is show up ready to ride! For safety reasons (as horses are very large, sometimes-unpredictable animals), you are expected to have jeans or riding pants, hard-soled boots with a heel, and a helmet during lessons. Our coaches have a limited supply of helmets which you can borrow when you ride. You will be expected to groom and tack up your horse before each lesson, as well as untack and brush your horse when you are done.  If you don’t know how, don’t worry, we are happy to show you how to do it.

You will notice that most of our show riders and regular lesson students will wear informal riding clothes specific to their riding style. For hunt seat and dressage this would mean breeches, riding boots, and/or half chaps.  For western, jeans and riding boots. ALL riders must wear helmets in lessons.

Lessons FAQ

Do I need a car in order to get to my lessons?

No. The club & team lessons are almost always small group lessons and for this reason we carpool to lessons.  Each lesson has at least one person who has a car and can drive.  Please be respectful to your driver as well as everyone that is involved in organizing your lesson by being on time or by calling a day in advance to say that you will not be there.

If you do have a car and are willing to drive, that’s great! We depend on awesome people like you to get riders to their lessons. 🙂